To travel is to disconnect from problems, to meet people, to enjoy incredible landscapes or the city, to see with different eyes, to open your mind, to experience, to reflect, and even to be moved.


ACCESSIBLE LIVE TRAVEL is an innovative startup dedicated to universalise tourism in a sustainable and accessible way. ACCESSIBLE LIVE TRAVEL is in early stage open for investment.

Travelling is one of the best experiences in life! But for many people, whether because of physical limitations, health problems and financial constraints or any other impediment, it can prevent them from tasting the joys of travel or can be a great challenge. Fortunately, travel with tour assistants are here to save the day and make exploring a city, museum, tourist spot or memorable place accessible to all.

BRASPATECH’s project through ACCESSIBLE LIVE TRAVEL wants to offer travel to people who have never travelled for many different reasons, be it economic, health, age, mobility, cultural, political. We want to universalise tourism in a sustainable and accessible way. We will also promote the digitalisation of studies in schools/institutes/universities by facilitating the visit of cities or companies that are studying so that the teacher can explain a lesson in real time, whether it be history, architecture, industry 4.0 or commerce, among other fields.

ACCESSIBLE LIVE TRAVEL will be strongly linked to the SDGs and their targets for 2030. We already have the list of SDGs in line with ACCESSIBLE LIVE TRAVEL. Between social inclusion and environmental protection, BraspaTech will lead social innovation from its foundation and at every stage as we move forward.

There is still a long way to go to make universal accessibility a reality within the tourism sector, especially in developing countries and emerging destinations. A change in mindset and in the model of tourism service delivery is needed, not only to respect the human rights of people with disabilities and their families, but also to give a chance to all those who have never or will never be able to travel.

Travelling with AccessibleLiveTravel is possible and easy for everyone. We will give you the keys to organise your visit with our TAs and the AccessibleLiveTravel platform.

Dare and ask us for information about our AccessibleLiveTravel services.

If you are a company and you want to get involved in our project, we will be happy to discuss with you the different opportunities for collaboration, either to invest, to participate in the project or any other form of collaboration.